Looking for new ways to add excitement to your marketing campaigns?

Adding mobile marketing to the mix is a smart way to leverage your existing investment and extend your reach to today's smartphone-equipped consumers. This growing and influential segment increasingly expects to discover, experience, and even purchase products on their phones.

Mobile Codes

It’s an advertiser’s dream.

Imagine you’re sitting in your favorite cafe when something in the magazine catches your eye. That company you’re reading about sounds intriguing or their product is just what you’ve been looking for. So you take out your mobile phone and focus the camera lens on a small splotch of color embedded in the corner of the article. Suddenly the phone’s screen is displaying a complete online catalog or rich multimedia advertising.

Pull Marketing

You enter the parking garage of your favorite shopping center. There is a mobile code printed on the ticket. As you walk to the center you scan the code and receive instant coupons, news about special sales and events. You can pre-order movie tickets, make dinner reservations even view GPS enabled interactive maps.

That’s the power of our mobile codes.

Our Mobile Codes


No more complicated, ugly, 2D black and white barcodes!
Our 3D Mobile Codes are clean and colorful, they can also contain your company logo, a watermark or any photo.


A one-click connection.
Mobile Code technology enables any camera-equipped mobile phone to directly and instantaneously access very targeted content (both static content and streaming media).


How effective is your campaign?
Unlike the majority of other 2D codes, when a user scans one of our Mobile Codes the scan is registered and counted.
We can even provide you with the following data:
∙ The exact Date & Time of each scan
∙ A mobile device ID - providing unique visitor counts
∙ The device location in Lat/Lng & zip code.